Quick Water Damage Remediation Services in Welland, ON

Water damage mitigation from leaks or floods is what we’re about.

Restoration 1 works with industry-grade equipment for our water damage mitigation services. For your house in the Welland, ON, area, our water damage contractors can remediate your damaged area promptly. This involves eliminating the water and any left over moisture that is in the area then drying it out completely. Every team member from Restoration 1 is a knowledgeable expert and they possess the experience necessary for restoring your property to a safe living space. Additionally, our quick response can decrease loss and prevent more damages from happening.

Water damage is a frequent kind of property damage and it’s a major contributor to property loss in the Welland, ON, area. The reason why is the aftermath can escalate. If water damage isn’t taken care of quickly, harmful bacteria and mould can flourish in your home. This will generate more wreckage to your property, and if it’s extensive enough, it could affect the whole property.

There are a variety of sources that can produce water damage, and depending on where it came from, there will be different techniques and methods when treating your damaged area. The expert contractors from Restoration 1 know how to fix all types of water damage. They’ll identify the classification your damage is associated with and which techniques and equipment will be best for the job.


We start by eliminating all the water in the space. Once this has been cleaned up, the process of drying will start.


Amid this process, any carpets and padding are removed from the ground to dry the area completely. Our damage specialists utilized industry-standard dehumidifiers and tools to dry all surfaces. We need to make sure all floors are completely dried for the next process.


Your household items will be thoroughly dried and restored to pre-damaged conditions whenever possible (depending on the degree of the damages, your items might be lost). The recovery process will fix and go over any damages inflicted to your home's structure too. This is the stabilizing aspect of our water damage repair services.

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Different Types of Water Damage

Water damage that's classified as Category 1 is generated from something that doesn't pose a threat to humans. Typically, this is generated from supply lines from household objects such as a water heater, faucets, kitchen appliances, bathtubs toilets and even pipes that are in the wall. When you have water damage that is stemmed from Category 1, we could restore most (if not, all) of your flooring, walls and other contents if you contact us at once.

Wreckage that is derived from water that runs through a sanitation system, malfunctioning sump pump or toilets with waste in them is known as Category 2. The water discharge from Category 2 usually contains foreign matter made up from biological or chemical components that are dangerous. If your house has Category 2 wreckage, things that have come into contact with the water will have to be removed in order to stop further damages and to make the area safe.

Category 3, or black water, refers to water that is filthy and contains harmful bacteria and fungi. This is typically caused by sewage back up from sinks, toilets and tubs/showers. Other sources include rising water from rivers or streams, seawater, ground surface water or water from Category 2 that was not treated and has been sitting for 48-72 hours. Damage repair for Category 3 requires specific tools and tried-and-true methods to eradicate. With Category 3, a mould removal service is necessary to stop any fungi or bacteria from spreading.

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