Prompt Water Damage Restoration Services for Caledonia, ON

Eradicating water damage from your residence is essential for safe conditions.

Whether you’ve experienced a burst pipe or flooding on your property, Restoration 1 is ready to help in the Caledonia, ON, area. We offer a quick response service for our customers to lessen the wreckage in your residence. Our damage specialists have the experience and skills needed to remove water and any moisture that’s trapped in the damaged area at a quick pace. It’s fundamental to get rid all moisture because it can generate mould growth if your water damage isn’t entirely taken care of. Contact our dependable team to ensure your home is safe again.

Water damage is a prevalent type of damage in Caledonia, ON. It can originate from a number of instances, not just catastrophic cases like a flooding. It can be an instance as simple as an overflowing toiled or a leaky pipe. If the problem isn’t taken care of immediately, it can lead to further wreckage to your residence. Along with the environment of your home, water can incite the growth of harmful bacteria, which can spread.

This is why you should get a damage specialists over to handle your water damages. There are three different classifications that water damage falls under, and we know how to make the situation better and remove all of them. Restoration 1 damage specialists use industry-grade tools and know the best practices to eradicate the problem.


We start by removing the standing water in the space. When this has been cleaned up, the process of drying can begin.


Flooring will need to be removed in order to dry the damaged space entirely. Dehumidifiers will then be utilized to eliminate any remaining moisture.


If feasible, your household goods will be brought back to their pre-damaged state. Then our contractors will fix any wreckage that was imposed on your home's structure.

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Water Damage Categories

If your residence experiences damage from supply lines (like appliances, water heaters, faucets, pipes, etc.) this falls under Category 1. Category 1 refers to clean water since the source isn't harmful if it comes in contact. With this kind of discharge, the specialists at Restoration 1 will be able to save most, if not all, of your floors, walls or other household goods that got wet if we're contacted at once.

Water damage classified as Category 2 that consists of biological, chemical and physical pollutants that are dangerous to humans, and this can lead to major wreckage on your property. This can come from toilet bowls with wastewater, water discharge from dishwashers or washing machines, sump pump failures and any other water that goes through a sanitation system. Areas that have been contaminated from this type of water will need to be extracted immediately in order to prevent mould growth.

Black water, or Category 3, refers to water that is extremely unsanitary and contains harmful bacteria and fungi. This is usually caused by sewage back up from sinks, toilets and tubs/showers. Other sources consist of rising water from rivers or streams, seawater, ground surface water or water from Category 2 that was not taken care of and has been sitting for 48-72 hours. Water damage repair for Category 3 requires specific equipment and reliable techniques to eliminate. With Category 3, a mould removal service is necessary to prevent any mould from spreading.

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